Keep Writing


Writing has been a phenomenal experience. It is not important how many people read it actually, liked it or followed you back. What’s important is that you expressed. Writing is not done for others, rather it is a expression of self, your perspective on something, that you entirely own. Never restrict yourself to excuses like

  1. I’ll write when I’ll get time.
  2. I am not able to find inspiration.
  3. I may not be a good writer.
  4. What  if others laughed at my writing….. and so on..

Just write whatever you feel and whenever you feel. Okay, now for obvious reasons (that I hope you all know) not everything should be made public. You can keep a personal diary for those expressions of your soul that do not need a public show. Why should I write? Because

Writing is not to impress, rather to express.

Writing the grammatically correct and absolutely fuss free language does not come in one day. Like everything, it needs practice. Write daily even if for 15 minutes. DO IT. Do not procrastinate in expressing your feeling. Whether you write a blog or make a diary entry. Do whatever you feel comfortable with but write, write to liberate your thoughts, to liberate yourself from past, write for fun, write as a part of academic writing, write for whatever reason you choose or even for no reason.

Happy Writing.



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