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Testing waters, perhaps, they are, And I’m storm, splashing waters afar; Stronger you get, Unbeatable I become; Life could be scary, chasing fear is my fun; At times, when I’m low, I dare not sit and churn; I whirl on tunes, in the land sojourn; My lifted spirits are ready again, Guise of fiery storm,…

Traveller,- we ALL are..

And my every story begins with “and”… And I travelled, travelled so far, and travelled till the end, and finally, found peace within me. Eventually. I travelled outside, whereas, I should have travelled within. I saw splendor, filled my eyes with numerous memories, my breath with the air of diverse mountains, various beaches, scent of…


How you deal with what you have, defines your attitude. Detaching yourself with end results is the only way you move forward. Do not follow a path, just to reach the destination, follow it to learn, while you walk.

Butterfly Effect

It is quite interesting to know that a single event, though how small, creates the chain effect and results in something bigger.” Fluttering of the wings by a butterfly at a place may cause a tornado at the other place. Scientifically proven but strange.” This phenomenon known as butterfly effect thereby deals in cause and…

Are you dead?

Vivacious greens, gleaming yellows, vibrant violets and refreshing reds.. This universe embraces you with so much warmth and tenderness that you want to feel this eternal bliss in each one of your cell. You are living, which means you are not dead. What does living actually, mean? It means seizing every moment by being aware…


A new journey always looks difficult but may not actually be. Every journey has ups and downs, that is what makes it a journey. Pre- conceived notions about a path, reduces the joy as well as the learning aspect. Be open minded, accept all challenges, learn from downsides and work harder even after small achievements….

First blog post

Hello Readers This is my first blog post. I will love to share my writings with you, small expressions of my life in the form of poetry or short essayes. Hope you will love this and be with me in my journey. Thanks Apoorva