2019! HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Did You Wish Yourself?

Happy New Year! We have already bid adieu to 2018. An year that went by like a flash of light for some and a mile’s walk for others. Like all new years we celebrated the beginning of this year with wishing everyone around (well, literally not everyone around but at least everyone on our smartphones)….


Merry Christmas! What is Christmas to you? A holiday, a loving memory, a shade of red, prayers, a big chunk of cake, bubbling market, Christmas movies, party…. The soul of Christmas is in giving a share of happiness from your slice of life. Yes, happiness has a property, the more you spread, the more it…

First blog post

Hello Readers This is my first blog post. I will love to share my writings with you, small expressions of my life in the form of poetry or short essayes. Hope you will love this and be with me in my journey. Thanks Apoorva

Eyes of a writer

Writers look at everything with an eye of awe. This changes there perception about everything and life around them becomes magical. Same trees, same flowers, same scenes, same animals, but every time they look with innocence, they see a beauty very distinct from before. Writers weave a story about the distinct sameness in there imagination….

Krishna: An incredible teacher

We are at such a juncture of week, where Janmashtami has just been rejoiced and Teacher’s Day has leveled up the honoured feeling towards those who are passionate about guiding the paths of adrift souls. What better day can there be to talk about a personality, so vibrant and dynamic and at the same time…

Keep Writing

Writing has been a phenomenal experience. It is not important how many people read it actually, liked it or followed you back. What’s important is that you expressed. Writing is not done for others, rather it is a expression of self, your perspective on something, that you entirely own. Never restrict yourself to excuses like…

Unleash your power.

Good morning readers. There is a power inside everyone which helps to conquer all the fears. Magic inside you will only work when you believe in it, when you believe in yourself. Believing is the biggest magic, believing is the power that will unleash the magnetic power to scare the fears. What are fears? Psychologically…

Dual reality

There’s a thing with opposites, which makes it more interesting to talk. Wild but calm, serene but ferocious and the list continues. They are not just adjective. They are part of human nature. We live in dual reality. Sometimes, we are at peace with ourselves and other times we are fighting with our own chaos….


What you think you can do is shaped by what you believe you can do. It’s time that you shatter that ceiling, break the walls and experience the unlimited capabilities which will take you to unlimited heights. Sometimes, circumstances are brought about by life, and sometimes you create them yourself. What matters is how you…

My relationship with writing

My relationship with writing has always been intimate, relishing and passionate. Words pour anytime, anywhere, a rhythm is set, I delve into this world of writing. It relieves me of every emotion, detaches me from materialistic things, gives me the solutions and list is never ending. Perhaps, this is one of the gifts, and yes…


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